Racing switches

Our 7-button left hand switch allows you to access both your bike and Chrome controls quickly and completely ergonomically. The arrangement of the keys allows you to control the TC with thumb and index without ever leaving a firm grip from the handlebar. The red button in monostable mode becomes very comfortable for pit limiter or YEC maps for example.

The control panel has seven buttons, the two UP and DOWN above allow to directly control the chrome by connecting to the auxiliary socket for external keys of the original wiring. It will be possible to change the displayed page on track, or activate the video input used as a rear-view mirror, or simply have convenient access to the functions of the chrome.The central key, together with the two keys that can be controlled with the index and thumb, allow the control of the motorcycle functions, the SEL key and the two keys TC + and TC-The red button (ON-OFF) is associated with the YEC maps (on R1) or the Pit limiter (on ZX1R) while on the BMW S1000RR it is free as the BLUE one. Links are provided for the unused buttons so that they can be used for the functions that are most preferred.

Plug&play with bike and Chrome

7 switches

Replaceable adaptor changing bikes

The extremely ergonomic shape makes the use of the control panel extremely convenient.It is also convenient to move from one bike to another, it is in fact sufficient to change the strap of adaptation.In the case of the BMW S1000RR and Ducati V4, our control panel replaces the original by communicating with our dashboard without the need to replicate the electronics present in the original keypads.

Available adaptors:

  • Yamaha R1 15-24
  • BMW S1000RR 15-18
  • Kawasaki ZX10R 16-20
  • Ducati V4

Available from 220€

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