Remote Adjuster

Our electronic remote adjuster allows you to always have under control, easily, the position of the brake lever through an immediate and precise adjustment. Manual adjusters often do not ensure the desired sensitivity when used with gloves and, above all, they are increasingly difficult to place in a comfortable position to reach during a driving at the limit. Our remote adjuster was created to overcome these limits.

The Remote Adjuster is designed to be easily fixed to the left fork using the supplied strap thanks to the pre-drilled holes. The plastic material and the non-slip rubber will prevent any scratches on the fork.Thanks to a simple configuration it will be possible to choose the advancement for each single pressure and the limits to the maximum stroke in both directions.The Remote Adjuster can be connected, through the appropriate connector, to any racing switches or in a plug & play way to our 7-button racing switches.

Easy to install

Extremely low weight

Compatible with any racing switches


  • Single step selectable between 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 turn
  • Triple step on long key press
  • Possibility of limiting the stroke in both directions
  • Analog output for data acquisition
  • Cable length 70cm
  • Compatible with Brembo 16x18, 19.18, 19x20

Available at 250€

Price VAT excluded

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