Always keep track of the pressure and tire temperature of your riders in one click

The TPMS system allows to monitor, through a 433MHZ USB receiver, the internal pressure and the rim temperature of 24 different tires. Through Danas it is possible to configure minimum and maximum temperature / pressure alarms so that you immediately have the status of the tires in your box, without moving from your position. With our TPMS/Can it is possible to log the informations also with any Can-logger or with our Chrome Lite/Plus.

Thanks to a 433Mhz USB receiver, you can read the status of 24 different tires via our Danas software.The compact receiver (86mm x 70mm x 12mm) can be connected to both Windows and Mac systems as it is based on the classic FTDI chip.Thanks to its antenna it is able to read the state of the tires at a distance of 8-10m thus covering the classic size of an entire box.
The TPMS Kit is supplied complete with two sensors and relative valves adaptors as sensor support (valves non included).Valves adaptors can be ordered in both 8.5mm and 11.5mm.It is then possible to purchase the single sensor to increase the number of tires to be monitored.The sensors have one degree resolution for the rim temperature and 0.01 bar for the internal pressure.
The new TPMS display allows you to have a wireless pressure gauge in your hands. Battery powered allows you to monitor the pressure / temperature status of ten bikes at the same time. A name can be associated with each bike so it can be easily recognized. With just one tool, you can monitor the tire status of all your drivers in a team, or share it with friends.The display can be connected to a PC via USB carrying out all the functions of the USB receiver. It can be purchased in a TPMS kit or individually.
Through the special dialog in Danas it is possible to monitor 24 different tires.For each of them it is possible to associate the ID of the sensor with a name and define if it is a front or a rear. The list therefore remains available for subsequent uses.Danas allows to configure the minimum and maximum pressure and temperature alarms for both the front and rear.The data is colored blue or red to indicate the exceeding of the thresholds, in one verse or another. The status of the battery is also indicated for each sensor.
The TPMS / Can receiver allows to receive the RF signal sent by our tire pressure sensors inserted inside each tire.The received signals are transmitted on Can Bus and can be received from one of our Chrome Lite / Plus dashboards or from any other data acquisition system.
Our TPMS/Can receiver can work in two different configurations: controlled by a Chrome Lite/Plus or in standalone mode. In the first mode (default configuration) it is sufficient to connect the receiver to the same Can Bus on which the Chrome is connected and to set the sensor IDs directly from the Chrome menu.In autonomous mode, the receiver can be programmed via our USB adapter cable configuring a list of 50 front sensors and 50 rear sensors. Also all the can bus parameters can be configured.


  • 433MHz USB receiver
  • simultaneous reading of 24 sensors (100 for the TPMS/Can)
  • minimum/maximum pressure/temperature alarms
  • range 8-10m
  • Attention: sensor support not compatible with original Ducati V2 wheels
  • 2 sensors with valves adaptors included in the kit
  • available 8.5mm and 11.5 mm size
  • internal battery
  • weight: 17g
  • resolution: 1 degree, 0.01 bar

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