I2M Acquisition systems can be used with any 0-5V linear output analog sensor, of any brand. In this page you can find the available sensors to be used plug&play by our sensor cable.

Plug & play sensor wiring for Chrome and DasyX

This wiring let you easily connect the Chrome or DasyX to different sensors using the data acquisition connector. It is configured to connect a speed sensor for the front wheel, the pressure sensor for the brake, two potentiometers and two tyre temperature sensors. Each input can also be used for any other type of analog sensor.

Infrared temperature sensor

It is suitable for measuring the tyre temperature. Temperature range 0-150 °C. Analog output 0-5V. Compatible with all data acquisition systems.

Inductive speed sensor

It allows you to acquire speed signals from the rear wheel (if your bike doesn't have the original one) or from the front wheel. It enables to detect speed differences between the two wheels cased by skidding.

Potentiometer shield

Available for 150mm length potentiometers, carbon made, help in protecting the potentiometer from dirt and in reducing damages in case of crashes.

Linear potentiometer

Linear potentiometers are available in 150mm or 75mm length for rear or front suspension. International Protection (IP) Rating IP66. Working temperature range -30...+100 °C. Equipped with 0,5m cable. Compatible with all data acquisition systems.

0-50bar pressure sensor

It is used for measuring the braking system pressure. The analog output voltage, linear between 0 and 5V, makes it compatible with all data acquisition systems. It allows you to understand HOW and how much you are breaking thus optimizing this really important driving skill. (FrenTubo link is sold separately).

LS1 Module

Controller for bosh 4.9. lambda sensor Completely plug&play with our sensor wiring. Analog output 0-5V, it needs only 12V under key. Output range: 8-22 AFR. Lambda sensor included.

Lambda Bosh 4.9

Oxygen stoichiometric sensor.

C270 aluminum case camera

La camera Logitech C270 camera is sold with a CNC anodized aluminum black case it makes the camera waterproof and can be used to fix it to the bike by the standard gopro links.

TPMS Sensor

The TPMS sensor is sold with valve and adaptor. It is available both in 8.5mm and 11.5mm.